Could Napoli do Juventus a favour in the Mercato?

Napoli may unwittingly assist Juventus in this mercato. PSG is on the verge of releasing Fabian Ruiz from De Laurentis’ club, while Keylor Navas is ready to do the opposite. Once this deal is completed, the French might free Paredes, for whom they are currently willing to let him go for a figure close to twenty million euros.

So, would PSG lower the requests? Not really. Juve, however, could be able to obtain the much desired loan with the right of redemption, hence lesser and more inexpensive numbers, in order to bring the Allegri’s request to Turin right away. Regardless, the Bianconeri still need to sign a midfielder in the next days: the department is overcrowded, and one of Arthur or Rabiot will have to leave. Meanwhile, with Napoli’s (unwilling) assistance, Paredes is definitely getting closer.