Opinion: Di Maria is a opportunity worth taking

Juventus have been hugely linked with Angel Di Maria, Di Maria is a free agent at the end of the season has been reportedly proposed to four clubs, Juventus, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Benfica.

Juventus are considering the signing of the Argentina winger on a free this summer. The club are considering his age, salary and physical conditions before making a decision.


“I would take Di Maria, He’s someone with the technical ability that Juventus lacks. He can he a great service to Dusan Vlahovic. Di Maria would be a good short term solution. I can see him in a trio alongside Chiesa and Vlahovic with would work well.

There are no financial risks involved in this deal, Di Maria wants to play 1 year in Europe and we can make this work, Juventus need to splash most of their budge on a midfielder, centre back and left back this summer and maybe Juventus can sign a long term partner for Chiesa and Vlahovic in summer of 2023.”

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