Paul Pogba the return to Juventus full interview

Paul Pogba spoke on Juventus Twitch channel:

“As we say in English” Home sweet home “. I feel really good. From the first days that I am here there is really an atmosphere that I cannot explain but I am very happy and impatient to start playing with Juve, which is my team”.

Do you want to send a message to the fans? 

“Guys it’s time”.

How do you feel wearing this shirt again?

“This shirt is everything to me. Because Juve gave me the opportunity to be Pogba. This team is everything and now I want to give back this joy, this respect and above all I also want to bring trophies back to this shirt, because it deserves only this. We have to win and be first. ”

Why did you choose to return? 

“It was a choice made with the heart. Because I want to rediscover the desire to play football. Then I talked to Allegri, Dybala, Cuadrado, Agnelli and Nedved, I have always been in contact with all of Juve. My heart decided. I know I made the right decision. ”

Where does the choice to take 10 again come from?

“I took back the number 10 that I had left with a friend of mine like Paulo, I am very happy to find it. I tell the fans that I am back and that I am happy. I will be even more so when we bring the Scudetto back home.”

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