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Q&A: Juventini talking over the Derby d’Italia and Dybala’s end at Juve




Juventus supporters from Twitter, @khaledalnouss1, @juveb123 & @JulianJuve_ shared their opinions on significant Bianconeri related themes – the refereeing in Juve-Inter, the Derby d’Italia’s best and worst players and Paulo Dybala’s end at Juventus – in an interview below.

The latest clash between Juventus Turin and Inter Milan was indeed one to forget for Juventini but perhaps one to highlight for the sake of Serie A’s future in terms of quality of officiating. Uncertainty, bad calls and no calls were undoubtedly the highlights of the game on Sunday, as Juventus lost 0:1 in the Derby d’Italia to Inter in a match full of missed chances and poor individual performances. Even though the Old Lady lost the game, and it was hers to lose, the actions and inactions of the referees undoubtedly affected the game.

Hence, what (let’s say) mistakes in the refereeing were, in your opinion, the most game-changing and wrong? Also, who was your player of the match or with which player were you the least satisfied?

@khaledalnouss1: “Overall there was several mistakes on both parties in the first half. Lautaro should have been sent off at the start of the game, Locatelli and also Rabiot were at risk of being sent off. I believe Inter’s penalty was a right call. Zakaria-Bastoni’s incident should have been counted as a penalty. I think Skriniar was the man of the match, great performance from the Slovak. From our side Rabiot was the man of the match, he was our best midfielder also against Villarreal.”

@juveb123: “We all saw the glaring mistakes that turned the match upside down, so there isn’t much to comment on that. We did finally see a Juve that dominated a match for a full 90 minutes for the first time this season but was super wasteful with Vlahovic and Morata.”

@JulianJuve_: “First of all, I think the ref was horrible overall. Not even in the decisions against Juventus but in everything. For me, there were 3 really big mistakes. The first one was instantly in the first minute the kick from Lautaro in Locatelli’s face should have been a red. He only gave a yellow. Sometime later Lautaro made another big foul on Chiellini and still didn’t get anything. While at that moment Lautaro should have 1000% gotten a red because it was already his second big mistake. The second one was the penalty for Inter. In my opinion, it was too light to give a penalty for. I also still don’t get why they got to retake the penalty. The third one is the foul on Zakaria inside the box. Everyone saw it was a foul, so they also gave a free kick for it, but it was a foul inside the box. We have a VAR but if for things like this it isn’t used I don’t know why we have it. For me, the player of the match was Rabiot. I wouldn’t have thought I would ever say this but he was really strong and steady in the midfield. No mistakes. Also, I wanted to say that Zakaria came on really good when Locatelli got injured.”

There are poor individual as well as team performances mentioned above. Would you agree that what we saw from Juventus at the Allianz Stadium vs the Nerrazzuri was still far from ideal in many different ways, despite the significant number of chances the Bianconeri created?

@khaledalnouss1: “I believe the individual performance from most of our players was average despite the positive performance overall. Allegri did read the game well but I didn’t like the individual performance from many players in the game. Cuadrado was doing well even though I still don’t like his style of play, he is looking much better as a full-back. Danilo & Alex Sandro didn’t offer what we need from them in a close game like this. Vlahovic was alone against three players in most of the situations. In my opinion, we dominated the game but we still didn’t create enough clear-cut chances.”

@juveb123: “As I mentioned I think we saw a positive Juve that wanted to dominate a match at home and were just wasteful up top. As Juve fans we tend to always focus on the negatives, but in this match we really saw a team that wanted to play football with quick vertical passing and constant movement from our wingbacks. I would like to point out how important a player Zakaria can be for us if healthy.”

@JulianJuve_: “For sure, it is far from the perfect style of play yet, but I can see so much improvement since the beginning of the season. This was probably the best match we played this season. We put good pressure going forward and created good chances. Sadly we couldn’t finish them.”

Everything is pointing towards a Paulo Dybala exit in the summer of 2022. His contract is ending, talks of an extension terminated and performances not quite meeting the expectations. The game on Sunday was most probably La Joya’s last Derby d’Italia (at least in a black and white shirt), and Paulo is set to leave Juventus after spending a long period of 7 seasons in Turin.

Do you support the club’s decision to part ways with the Argentine forward, and how right is, in your view, the new adventure for Dybala himself?

@khaledalnouss1: “I support the club’s decision, because I believe if we are going to play with a new formation like 4-3-3 we need more of a winger than Dybala, I also believe Dybala needs a new chapter in his career, Juventus could be limiting his potential lately. Replacing a decisive player like Paulo is never easy though, we have to be careful in the coming market, hopefully we are going to have a style of play or a specific formation under Max next year.”

@juveb123: “Yes I fully support the clubs decision to part ways with Dybala. Dybala is a fantastic player with great talent but unfortunately the same cant be said about him physically. I do not feel the need to replace Dybala especially if Allegri wants to play with 3 up top. I am more than positive Dybala will thrive elsewhere and I believe this is the right time for him to move on.”

@JulianJuve_: “I support the club with the decision, but if they would have decided to renew with Dybala, I would have also been good with it. I totally get why they decided this. Dybala has been injury prone the last few years, so giving him a big salary like what Dybala asked is risky. They can better give it to another player. I love Dybala, and that’s why I also hope a new adventure can do him better. It might be good for him. I just hope that he doesn’t end up in the black and blue.”

Huge thanks to this episode’s interviewed Juventus trio, @khaledalnouss1, @juveb123 & @JulianJuve_ for dedicating their time to answer my questions. Do not forget to drop them a follow and remember to stay tuned for similar Q&A’s at Max Statman.

– @AntoStatman


Exclusive interview with Mirko Di Natale on Milinković-Savić saga, Chiesa and Vlahovic future — incomings, departures and more

Max Statman



In an exclusive interview with Mirko Di Natale, a prominent journalist at Tuttojuve, we had the opportunity to delve into the pressing questions surrounding Juventus.

With the transfer market in full swing, fans are eagerly seeking updates on various players and potential targets.

From the potential involvement of Nicolo Rovella in the Milinković-Savić deal to the uncertain futures of Dusan Vlahovic and Federico Chiesa, there is much to discuss.

Additionally, the absence of Parisi from Juventus’ radar and the chances of Nicolo Zaniolo joining the club this summer have also piqued curiosity.

Furthermore, the situations of McKennie, Zakaria, and Arthur, who are reportedly likely to leave, are of great interest.

Lastly, the futures of Leonardo Bonucci, Andrea Cambiaso, and Kenan Yildiz at Juventus are subjects that demand attention.

Let’s delve into these questions and gain insights from Mirko Di Natale, a trusted source in the world of Juventus reporting.

1. Milinković-Savić is a hot topic at the moment, my concern is if Nicolo Rovella is involved in the deal. What’s the actual situation for this saga?

“Milinkovic-Savic is a player that Juve will always like. And he’s one of Allegri’s dreams. I’m working to understand if there will be a meeting next week with Lazio to talk about him. What I can say for sure is that Juventus have already had an agreement with their agent for some time now.”

2. Dusan Vlahovic and Federico Chiesa future remains uncertain, what’s the plan for them?

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“Chiesa and Vlahovic weren’t happy with last season. There are many rumors around them, but neither of them – today – officially communicated to the club their intention to leave Juventus. For Juventus, they are two very important players, but if both or one of them ask to leave and there’s a big offer, then negotiations can start. On the contrary, they’ll stay in Torino.”

3. Juventus are missing out on Parisi and what are other Juventus targets this transfer market?

“Parisi is on standby, Juve spoke about him with Empoli but there have been no more meetings. Juventus are still on Parisi, the answer is yes. But many clubs want Parisi, not just Juve. Juventus are thinking about transfers, then they will think about signings.”

4. Nicolo Zaniolo is still a Juventus target? What’s the chances for him arriving this summer?

“Zaniolo, as he himself said, would like to go to Juventus. There are no negotiations with Galatasaray, there has been some contact to talk about other players as well.”

5. What’s the current situation on McKennie, Zakaria and Arthur who have reportedly likely to leave?

“The situation is very clear, they are three players who are no longer part of Juventus’ plans. Zakaria is very close to West Ham, there is optimism to close this deal well. Many clubs like McKennie, but so does Arthur there are no negotiations yet. With one difference: some good offers may come for McKennie, for Arthur it will be more difficult for me. Pastorello will have to do a great job.”

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6. Then finally, what about Leonardo Bonucci, Andrea Cambiaso and Kenan Yildiz future at Juventus?

“Bonucci wants to stay at Juve, but he earns a lot. I’m following the possibility of his possible farewell, but nothing concrete yet today. Cambiaso will start retiring, there are some requests from him for a loan (Bologna). Juve will evaluate his situation in the coming weeks. Yildiz will remain, he is non-transferable.”

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Exclusive interview with Fabiana Della Valle on Juventus punishments, Vlahovic’s future, Rabiot and Di Maria latest plus more




Max Statman and Forza Juventus’s Max Aimé-Thierry sit down with La Gazzetta dello Sport journalist Fabiana Della Valle, one of the most reliable journalists when it comes to Juventus, to talk about the Bianconeri.

Fabiana Della Valle said that Juventus are confident that the penalty of 15 points will be removed, and confirmed that Dusan Vlahovic is among the players who could leave Juventus in the summer if it doesn’t make the top four in Serie A.

She also said that it’s too early to talk about Massimiliano Allegri’s future, while Juventus hope to sell Denins Zakaria next summer, plus more as found below:

What do you think of Juventus’ punishment? Your personal opinion.

I am amazed that such a strong sanction has been reached and I am curious to read the reasons. In general, I think it would be fairer to punish the club with fines and bans on managers without penalizing the players and fans.

What are the sensations within Juventus after the club’s punishment?

There is the conviction of having suffered an injustice but also the confidence of being able to overturn the sentence.

Something about Allegri’s future after reports of possible contract terminations or renewals?

I think it’s too early to talk about it. He’s solid right now, but a lot will depend on how the Juventus season ends.

Which big names do you think could leave Juventus in the summer, especially if they fail to make the top four?

Rabiot for sure, which is expiring, Cuadrado and Alex Sandro will not renew. Without Champions Dusan Vlahovic could be tempted by the Premier.

Latest updates on Adrien Rabiot’s contract extension and other possible departures..

It will be hard to keep him, especially now. Juve may have a chance if there are no big offers for him. I believe that Di Maria will return to Argentina at the end of the season and that Paredes will not be redeemed.

Will Arek Milik be a regular Juventus player in the summer?

In his case, the redemption is a bargain (€7 million) and I think Juventus will keep him, also because they are doing very well.

Denis Zakaria had some good performances at Chelsea. What are the chances that they will trigger the release clause?

The possibilities are there and Juventus are hoping for it because a sale will be inevitable in June.

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No contact between Juventus and Luis Enrique




There’s no contact between Juventus and coach Luis Enrique, Max Statman was told by transfer expert Nicolò Schira. The Spanish coach left his position at the Spanish National Team this morning after a disappointing World Cup exit against Morocco.

Massimiliano Allegri’s return to Juventus hasn’t been a big success yet. The Bianconeri started the season poorly and even crashed out of the Champions League in a group with PSG, Benfica and Maccabi Haifa. Before the World Cup break, Juventus climbed the league table and managed to secure 3rd place after a run of good results. Still, Allegri’ spot wasn’t the most secure one in the world.

Many Juventus supporters opted for replacing the Italian coach with Luis Enrique. The ex-Barcelona coach announced that he would be leaving the Spanish National Team on Thursday morning, but there’s no signs of Enrique joining Juventus, Nicolò Schira said. According to him, Enrique is in contact with Atletico Madrid to become Diego Simeone’s successor.

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