Report: Adrian Rabiot’ future with Juventus is up in the air

As transfer rumors are spreading, the future for Juventus’ own Adrian Rabiot is unknown. With reports saying Newcastle, Manchester United, and Chelsea are all interested in the player, here is what the Frenchman said about his future:

“I haven’t talked to Juventus,” Rabiot said, “I try not to address these issues now, I let my agent take care of them. I have a contract with Juventus, and I don’t think the World Cup in November will change If things happen, it won’t be my choice. Since I returned to the national team, I have played with a certain regularity even though I have had ups and downs in the club. But it has been a complicated season for everyone. In any case, I have the confidence of my coach.”

The 27-year-old opened the score for the French national team in a draw against Croatia in the Nations League on Sunday. Rabiot’s time with the Bianconeri has been underwhelming for many fans and even for the player himself. Regardless, the midfielder still sees regular playing time and is always available when called upon.

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