Report: Luis Suarez Has Been Offered To Juventus



Mercato season has just started in Italy with all the clubs trying their best to strengthen their squad for the upcoming Serie A season. There are a lot of rumours as Juventus have been linked with a lot of players this summer. While Paul pogba is almost a done deal and Di Maria drifting away from a move to Juventus, bianconeri has been linked with another South American, this time as a potential back-up to Dusan Vlahovic.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Luis Suarez has offered his services to Juventus and the Bianconeri might be considering to sign the former Barcelona and Atletico Madrid star as a free agent. Juventus attempted to sign him 2 years ago in the summer of 2020, when Andrea Pirlo was made the club’s manager.

However, he needed to pass an Italian citizenship test which he did. But it was later deemed fraudulent as Italian authorities investigated alleged irregularities in the test, suggesting that the striker had known the subjects given in the exam before taking it. Juventus then moved on to add Alvaro Morata to their squad on a loan and Atletico replaced him with Luis Suarez.

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Although his agents has again offered him to Juventus, the negotiations haven’t started yet as the report specifies that Juventus is still evaluating the feasibility of the deal. Bianconeri management is still prioritising on the signing of Di Maria, who is drifting apart from The Old Lady day by day. Max Allegri has requested a new winger for the 2022-23 season.

My Personal Opinion:

There’s no doubt that Suarez is one of the most decorated and accomplished striker of Europe. Even when he left Barcelona, he guided Atletico to their first league title in 7 years. He can act as an experienced backup striker to Dusan Vlahovic and must guide a vastly inexperienced team during a campaign where the Bianconeri must become title contenders again. However, he is already 35 years old and is getting closer to hanging boots anytime soon. He might end up having a very little impact on our team. Instead, it would be better to rather sign or renew the loan option of Alvaro Morata or find a younger striker to invest in. Also, take all these rumours with a pinch of salt as the transfer window hasn’t even started yet. Romeo Agresti sums it up perfectly on YouTube via Around Juventus:

My feeling is that Suarez is part of those players that are offered on a daily basis to Juventus.”

It would be a long summer mercato, I would recommend you all to remain patient. Fino Alla Fine!

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