Report : The contacts for Zaniolo are still ongoing

Juventus are still looking out for Nicolò Zaniolo in the summer transfer window.

As reported by Tuttosport via Around Juventus“Recently the entourage of the player met with Roma. An agreement was not found on the renewal which reinforces the possibility of a separation in the summer.”

Nicolò Zaniolo’s contract expires in 2024. Ideally, his contract should have been extended before the start of previous season by Roma. But two consecutive ACL injuries led to the reconsideration of his renewal. The new management is still evaluating if they should give him an extension, as many reports have claimed that he has already gone out of favour at the club and Roma doesn’t consider him the centre of their project. There have been multiple meetings with his entourage and still no agreement has been found. They are getting distant from the club everyday as Zaniolo is well aware of the interest shown in him by other clubs, which he recently acknowledged in one of his interviewing saying he’s “happy” with the interest. We might be seeing him move out of the capital soon.

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There are still 2 years left in his contract but Juventus are not the only one pursuing him. AC Milan is also keeping a track on Zaniolo as they are heavily interested in signing him.

The news doing round suggests that the Juve management would be looking to include a player in order to get closer to the value set by roma. The expected price is around €40-50 M. Arthur Melo is the most possible candidate that could be included in the deal. American midfielder Weston McKennie has always interested the Roman club’s management and is also a choice but Allegri would rather keep him.

Our Personal Opinion:

Zaniolo has proven himself as a top class attacker. Despite of all the injuries, he still managed to make a great comeback this season, reaching double-digit figures in goal contributions. He scored the winning goal in the Conference League Final, showing that he can turn up in big occasions. If he joins Juve, he can act as a long term solution to our attacking woes. Juventus can also end up having a great Italian young core in their team as Zaniolo will complement the likes of Chiesa, Locatelli, Miretti, Kean and Fagioli.

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If we have to pick between Di Maria or Zaniolo, we would rather invest in Zaniolo because his younger age could be really helpful in the club’s rebuilding project. But should we invest in him this season or wait for one more season to see his growth still remains the question of the summer.

Would the contacts intensify in the coming weeks is something to look out for. Max Statman would keep you updated with latest news.

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