Was Bonucci right in is post match comments about de Ligt?

Juventus’ captain Leonardo Bonucci had some words to say about Matthijs de Ligt’s exit from the club and his comments after he left after last night’s match against Guadalajara Chivas.

“No, because some of his statements hinted that he didn’t want to stay at Juventus,” said Bonucci to Gazzetta dello Sport. “But I think that the basis of everything is respect, the group he stayed with for three years helped him to grow and the club invested in him. I wish the best, but certain phrases said in the national team were not very nice. We talked about it after the holidays, and he understood. Bayern are a great club, but it is not certain that in a top team you are destined to win.”

Bonucci’s comments have left fans divided with some agreeing with what he said and other’s remembering his stint at AC Milan when he celebrated a goal in front of Juventus fans and former teammates.

Was Bonucci wrong in his post-match comments or should he have not said anything at all?

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