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Juventus signing De Ligt has proved out to be a big failure




Matthjis De Ligt has joined Bayern Munich after spending three years at Juventus but was Juventus signing De Ligt a success or failure?

“There could only be two reasons why Juventus signed De Ligt, one to compete for Champions League immediately with Cristiano in the side, but that did not happen, Juventus have suffered three consecutive round of 16 exits in the Champions League.

Second, he’d be a leader in the defence for many years and obviously that didn’t happen as well. De Ligt left Juventus after just three years. All in all, Juventus signing De Ligt has proved out to be a big failure.”

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Dusan Vlahovic’s resurgence: Why Juventus made the right call

Max Statman



The summer transfer window of 2023 was marked by uncertainty for Juventus fans as the club contemplated parting ways with Dusan Vlahovic.

The 23-year-old Serbian striker had struggled to find his footing in the previous season, leading many to question his future with the Turin giants.

However, a proposed exchange deal involving Romelu Lukaku fell through, and Vlahovic remained in the black and white jersey.

Fast forward to the current Serie A season, and it’s evident that Juventus made the right decision by retaining their faith in the young striker.

In this article, we explore the factors behind Vlahovic’s resurgence and why Juventus supporters have every reason to be excited.

Overcoming jnjury woes

One of the primary reasons for Vlahovic’s revival can be attributed to his successful recovery from a troublesome groin injury that plagued him in the previous campaign..

Last season, he appeared as a frustrated figure on the pitch, often struggling to make an impact in front of goal.

However, this season tells a different story. Vlahovic seems to have overcome this nagging issue, allowing him to regain his confidence and form.

Personalized training regimen

Another crucial factor in Vlahovic’s resurgence is his dedication to personal improvement.

During the summer, he committed to working with a private trainer to enhance his physical condition. This decision has paid dividends, as he entered the current season in impeccable shape.

His newfound physical prowess has made him a more dynamic and dominant presence on the field, leaving defenders struggling to contain him.

Fan support and affection

The emotional connection between Vlahovic and the Juventus faithful cannot be underestimated.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding his future, the black and white crowd stood firmly behind him. Supporters voiced their unwavering support for Vlahovic while expressing skepticism about the potential arrival of Romelu Lukaku.

This outpouring of affection from fans served as a powerful motivator for the Serbian striker. He has been determined to repay their loyalty with stellar performances on the pitch.

The stats speak volumes

Numbers don’t lie, and in the early stages of the 2023 Serie A season, Vlahovic has already silenced his critics.

With four goals in the first four matches, he has demonstrated his scoring prowess. His ability to find the back of the net consistently is a testament to his resurgence and growing confidence.

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Juventus Youth

Opinion: Fabio Miretti deserves Juventus’ trust




While a loan deal looms on the horizon for Fabio Miretti, writer Jurre van Wanrooij believes Juventus should give the 19-year-old a fair shot at the club next season.

Fabio Miretti is a product of the Juventus youth. The 19-year-old has been a bianconero since 2011 and has been labelled as one of the biggest talents of the Juventus youth many times. December 8th 2021 will forever be a special day for Miretti, as he made his Juventus senior debut against Malmo in the Champions League. A few months later, on the 20th of March 2022, he featured in the Serie A for the first time. My first memory of Miretti impressing me on a senior level was when he started against Venezia, near the end of the 2021/22 season. During the 79 minutes Miretti played, he thoroughly excited me with his vision and confidence. It was a spark of life in a rather uninspiring Juventus team.

Miretti remained at Juventus to fight for a spot in the squad. His performances against Roma and Spezia (gave an assist after a great run) were promising, but the turning point came soon after. In Juventus’ second Champions League fixture against Benfica, Miretti caused the penalty which led to Benfica’s 1-1. Juventus would go on to lose that match and Massimiliano Allegri’s faith in Miretti seemed to have taken a big hit. Miretti would have get less gametime, while the Bianconeri struggled with creativity from time to time, something Miretti could bring to the table. Nevertheless, the minutes he made were often from the bench.

Juventus’ disaster season ended and the club could focus on the 2023/24 season. Miretti’s presence in the squad became an uncertainty, as there were many suitors that would’ve liked to take the youngster off Juve’s hands, both on loan but also permanently.

Juventus, however, took matters into their own hands. The Bianconeri also saw Miretti’s potential and extended his contract until 2027. If his short term future still lies in Turin is yet to be determined, but Juventush have at least shown that they have identified Miretti as one for the future.

His future might still be up in the air, I think it should be at Juventus. With Di María departing the club after only one season, the Bianconeri are in desparate need of creativity. Miretti is one of the few midfielders at Juventus that could offer that.

Via DataMB

As shown in the graph above, Miretti, despite his limited minutes, manages a high percentage of key passes and ball carrying. Adrien Rabiot and Nicolò Fagioli aren’t with the squad during pre-season in the USA, so it’s the perfect chance for Miretti to shine. It’s more than likely that he’ll complete the midfield together with Manuel Locatelli and Nicolò Rovella.

Via DataMB

As seen in the graph, Miretti adds quality in the departments where Locatelli and Rovella lack, making it an interesting midfield trio. Of course, it depends on how Allegri is planning let Juventus play, but looking at the data, this midfield doesn’t have a specific weakness and could work really well. Allegri and Sporting Director Cristiano Giuntoli, however, already set their sights on another midfielder: FC Barcelona’s Franck Kessié.

Alllegri and Giuntoli are convinced that the former Milan player offers the right qualities to add to the existing Juventus midfield. While Kessié was amazing during the 2020/21 season for Milan, the 28-year-old has fallen flat a little bit in the following season.

Via DataMB

In addition to that, Kessié doesn’t really offer that much of a different profiel than Miretti. He only beats the 19-year-old in forward and key passes, and his percentage is only marginally better at the latter. Miretti is also clearly better at ball carrying. Why bring in a player from abroad when you have somebody in the squad with the qualities your team needs? Plus, Miretti is one of the most promising youngsters at the club, so he should be developed into a starter at the club eventually.

In my opinion, Fabio Miretti deserves a clear shot at Juventus, because he offers qualities not many of the current Juventus players possess. He is the future of the club and the future is now, so he deserves Juventus’ trust. His age shouldn’t stand in the way. If you’re good enough, you’re old enough, and Miretti has definetly shown his potential.

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Opinion: Allegri’s time is over plus who would be the ideal coach to take over




Juventus have been dumped out of the Europa League after losing 2-1 to Sevilla. This has been another disappointing season from Max Allegri’s side.

Many Juventus fans around the world were quite pleased to see Max Allegri return back after his successful first spell but things haven’t gone well.

Juventus are the same side as they were last year, there have been no improvements. This team is unrecognizable, no structure, no ideas, no patterns of play. Allegri has failed to bring anything to this team in the two seasons he has been in charge and so I believe it’s time for him to go. Juventus need to start again with fresh ideas which doesn’t seem possible under Allegri.

If Allegri indeed goes, who should take over?  My favourite option is Roberto De Zerbi. De Zerbi is doing a fantastic job with Brighton in the Premier League this season. They’re currently sixth in the table, whilst playing one of the most exciting brand of football in Europe. De Zerbi is also known for improving players, he’s already done so at Brighton. He has played a big role in the development of players like Mitoma, Mac Allister, Caicedo, Undav and Encino.

He has already worked in Serie A before with Sassuolo, Hence, he’s also familiar with the league. Juventus need his ideas. He would be the perfect guy for Juventus right now in my opinion.

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