Why losing De Ligt is not a blow for Juventus by any means

Matthjis De Ligt is set to leave Juventus this summer – the dutch international is linked heavily with a move to Bayern Munich and Chelsea.

Is loosing De Ligt a blow to Juventus? “I don’t think loosing De Ligt is a blow to Juventus in any way. The real blow would be if they don’t use this money well.

Some will say how is loosing your best defender not a big blow? The answer to this is, De Ligt was our best defender because Chiellini and Bonucci were towards the end of their careers and other than that we have Rugani so being Juve’s best defender is not difficult today.

De Ligt’s time at Juventus hasn’t been great, he had a difficult time with handballs, I don’t know if it’s bad luck or something with the positioning of his arm while dealing with crosses or sliding, also he made some very unnecessary clumsy tackles.

De Ligt is a good defender don’t get me wrong, but he’s not irreplaceable. There are many defenders in the world that could give the same results as him if not better.

I don’t think many Juventus fans will do this deal again if there was ever an option. De Ligt’s performances in a Juventus shirt haven’t done justice to €75M fee Juventus paid for him.”