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CONI has issued a statement regarding comments made by Piero Sandulli

Max Statman



The Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) has issued a statement regarding comments made by Piero Sandulli, Vice President of the second section of the CONI Sports Guarantee College, regarding the Federal Court of Appeal’s sentence in the capital gains case.

The statement emphasizes that Sandulli’s comments were made in a personal capacity and do not reflect the views or commitments of the Sports Guarantee College or its members.


This clarifies the situation, as Sandulli’s remarks had sparked conflicting opinions and discussions. The Sports Guarantee College will be responsible for deciding on the matter, considering the merits of the case.

CONI’s statement: “With regard to some statements on the sentence of the Federal Court of Appeal of the FIGC, issued by Professor Piero Sandulli and reported by the press, it is represented and it is noted that these statements were issued on an exclusively personal basis and do not commit in any way either the Sports Guarantee College or its members.”


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