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Every word from Manuel Locatelli’s interview with Juventus Twitch channel

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The day after the victory against Inter, Juventus midfielder Manuel Locatelli gave an interview on the Juventus club’s Twitch channel.

The match against Inter


“It was a beautiful match, winning at San Siro against Inter is more beautiful. We could have finished it earlier, but winning it like this is also beautiful. We had a perfect attitude, it was beautiful.”

The birth of their son Theo

“I felt so much affection from the fans, I want to thank them openly. There is another child in the Juventus family. I hope that in the future he has the desire to see what his father has done, but I also hope that he has the desire to be a sportsman and a Juventus fan. In the future, I’ll show them the highlights of this match. My whole family are super fans.”

The double match with Inter

“Yesterday’s was one of the best games of this year. I felt important throughout the game, when you have confidence in every game you do better. Continuity is the secret of a good season.”

The continuity of the Juventus midfield

“I get on well with Fagioli and Rabiot. Yesterday we saw a team with the right attitude that has always been in the game. We are all in the same boat, everyone is needed. Beyond the departments, yesterday we saw a united team : this is what we have to be and what the coach asks of us”.

Have you had any difficulties in your career?

“Clearly. When I left Milan it was a big blow because I never expected it. I was very young and I had already played some games. At Sassuolo I rolled up my sleeves, De Zerbi exalted me as a man and a footballer. I had some difficulties, but as my dad says when you take a step back then you take two leaps forward”.

Have you talked to Fagioli and Miretti yet?

“I’ve talked to them, the path they’re taking is very correct. The club protects them, the coach and the team help them. I told them to be carefree and not to lose positivity. No one is born mature, experience helps you gives certain things”.

Sliding tackles

“It’s something that excites me, when you make an important intervention, you build confidence and emotions charge you. Against a great team like Inter, it’s easy to be excited, the important thing is to have this type of attitude in the other matches. It’s it is essential to face the championship like this”.

On Gatti

“He’s very energetic, he has to learn to manage his grit. Yesterday and against Freiburg he played a great game, he deserves it. Even if he doesn’t play he always goes at two thousand an hour in training.”

The idols

“Del Piero is the symbol of Juve. Like him, Nedved and Buffon too. Pirlo for my role. I am getting to know Pessotto well, who is teaching me many tricks. He is a great person. Without forgetting Chiellini and Bonucci, which are the current demonstration of youth”.

The victory of the European

“These are emotions that will stay with me for life. The year before there was Covid, it was even more beautiful for people to celebrate. It was a dream, we went beyond any kind of expectation. All the emotions”.

Be ready at the right time

“It’s fundamental. If the European Championship had been a year earlier, I wouldn’t have gone there. You have to be ready at the right time. Luck must be transformed into promptness and I made myself ready”.

Failure to call up to the national team

“I was disappointed. I live the national team like any type of boy, I can only demonstrate on the field what I can give and win it back on the field. In the end it’s only the green rectangle that speaks”.

Lack of goals

“I miss it a lot, but this year I have a more balanced role and I get there less. I have set myself the goal of finding it again in the next matches”.

The funniest teammate

“Perin. He’s a very lively boy with whom I got on straight away. In general, we have a very balanced dressing room.”


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