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Opinion: Juventus should pass on Gianluca Scamacca




New Year’s Eve is just two days away, and remember, when the clock strikes midnight, not only will it be the start of another new year, but it will also be the start of another transfer window, the winter Mercato, which runs through the whole month of January and sees teams making moves in search of European supremacy, moves to help them secure the very lucrative top four position.


With Juventus for the first time in a long time on the outside looking in, being four points back of Atalanta for fourth and five back of Napoli for third, and with games coming up against the clubs they are chasing, this puts Juventus in a scenario where they may be looking to spend big durning a time of the year where the club has only been known for making last minute loan deals in order to strengthen the deepness of the squad.



With Juventus finding it difficult to get consistent production from forwards such as Morata, who’s loan is only a few months away from expiring, it seems Juventus may be in the market for a long term solution, someone much younger who can grow with the youth around him, and from all indications, that player Juventus seem to be targeting is Gianluca Scamacca from Sassuolo. But a player that young with upside to come, may not be as cheap as we all first expected, with reports suggesting his fee may have risen for €20M to a now whopping €40M.


If you think this isn’t expensive, then consider the fact that we purchased Manuel Locatelli from the same club for cheaper. I know they play different positions, but so far in their young careers, Locatelli has proven to be a world class midfielder with a European Championship to boot, so it is for this reason I say Juventus should take a pass on the player, but not a hard pass because as we all know by now, when the summer transfer window hits the market can change, and with possibly a huge transfer fee coming Juve’s way if they indeed do end up selling Matthijs De Ligt, then for me that would be the right time for Juve to count all their chips and reevaluate where they stand in the game.



Besides, Juve also have players such as Moise Kean who they decided to bring back, I think it would be wise to see what they got in him before making a move for a player who is similar, also Italian and still unproven. With Max Allegri usually getting the best out of his team after the winter break, I see no reason to panic and make such a rash decision. The best move would be to keep the player feeling like they are still interested, and only make the move for him if things truly get desperate. And even with reports of other clubs interested, I still believe it’s a chance Juventus should be willing to take as in my opinion, because losing a chance to sign a player like Gianluca Scamacca would not in fact be the end of the world.