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Report: Juve take back contract offer from Dybala




Last night in Torino, Juventus got their revenge against an Udinese side that stole two points from them earlier this season in a match where Juve were winning and in control. On this day the two goal lead held, as they take a much needed three points, as they still trail Atalanta by one game for that coveted top four spot, and with Milan on the horizon before a mid week Coppa Italia clash with Sampdoria, no doubt this will give the club some confidence going forward as they are still recovering from a heart breaking lose to Inter Milan in last Wednesdays Supercoppa Final.

With a goal and another great performance from Paulo Dybala, you would think this would be the headline of the day, but instead all that could be talked about was Dybala’s celebration after his goal, or lack there of I should say, as when the player scored there was no vintage ” Dybala Gladiator mask” that for Juventini has become as iconic as a Cristiano’s “Siiiuuuu”, but instead we got a death stare towards management, and a sign from the player, that he no doubt feels upset about how his contract situation has been handled thus far.

And now a new report tonight has many people concerned and wondering what to believe, as Sky Sports is reporting that Juventus have taken back the contract proposal agreed with Paulo Dybala and are prepared to let him leave for free if he doesn’t accept a salary cut. Juventus will no longer offer Dybala a five years contract worth €8m/yr + €2m bonus.


Now we need to take this with a grain of salt as it’s only a Sky report, but like Iv’e been saying for sometime now, where there is smoke, there is fire, and considering what happened yesterday, I’d say those are the first sign of flames, as Dybala looked read hot, and in my humble opinion, he’d be prepared to leave, because like my uncle always use to tell me, in this world it’s money that talks, and in professional Football, it’s the biggest sign for a player like Paulo Dybala that he is truly appreciated by earning what he believes he’s worth.