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Report: Three Napoli players, who are already in Turin, need to quarantine




Napoli won’t be able to play Zielinski, Lobotka and Rrhamani against Juventus tomorrow night, Sportface reported. The ASL Napoli 2 Nord have ordered the trio to go into quarantine after they had close contact with COVID-19 positives. Although the three players are not aloud to play, they already landed in Turin.

Zielinski, Lobotka and Rrhamani were on Napoli’s squad list and the Polish midfielder was even pictured on the plane. The trio is vaccinated, but got their second dose more than 120 days ago and haven’t received their third dose (booster) yet.

Napoli’s list of COVID-19 positives grows even larger after Mario Rui and coach Spalletti were added yesterday.

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Cristiano Giuntoli discusses Allegri, Pogba, transfers, and seasonal goals

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In a candid and insightful interview with La Repubblica, Cristiano Giuntoli, the newly appointed Football Director of Juventus, shared his thoughts on various aspects of the club’s future.

Giuntoli, who joined the Bianconeri after departing from Napoli in the summer, discussed matters related to Allegri, Lukaku, Pogba, and laid out the season’s objectives for Juventus.

Giuntoli’s vision: Focusing on Champions League

When asked about Juventus’ timeline for returning to the top, Giuntoli offered a measured perspective, saying, “How long will it take for Juventus to win again? We think in the medium term, but setting a deadline also means creating a limit, and limits are for the mediocre.

“There is a precise plan shared by CEO Scanavino, Allegri, myself, and Manna: to return to the Champions League. We also need it as a platform for our young talents to compete with the best in Europe. Our declared rivals are Atalanta, Fiorentina, Lazio, and Roma. Then, there’s Napoli, Milan, and Inter, who are ahead of us because their projects started much earlier.”

Allegri’s role: A model to aspire to

Addressing the relationship with coach Allegri, Giuntoli emphasized their mutual respect, saying, “A complicated rapport? Not at all. Allegri is the flagship of the club, a significant reference point in this delicate transition phase.

“He started with Aglianese, which is the team from my hometown – it’s destiny, I suppose, and reached the Champions League final twice. It’s us who must elevate Juventus to his level.

“Coaching is the most challenging job in the world, a solitary endeavor with the weight of everything on one’s shoulders. I’ve always protected my coaches; I try to understand their reasoning to engage with them and assist them.”

Lukaku’s potential transfer: Chelsea’s offer falls short

Giuntoli also shed light on the potential transfer of Romelu Lukaku during the last summer transfer window, saying, “There was an offer from Chelsea for Vlahovic. We didn’t want to part with Dusan, but faced with certain figures, we would have accepted. Chelsea never reached that amount, and the swap did not materialize.”

Pogba’s uncertain future: Awaiting further analysis

On the topic of Paul Pogba, Giuntoli stated, “We’re waiting for further analyses and will decide on the next steps together with his management. Is there irritation? I only think about how much we miss him on the field.

“We don’t dwell on it and look ahead. Replacing him? We’ll assess that at Christmas. First, we want to understand what our current players can offer. Then, if opportunities arise, we will seize them.”

Domenico Berardi: Evaluating our worth

Lastly, Giuntoli discussed another summer target, Domenico Berardi, saying, “He’s a talented and capable player, but now, as I mentioned, we want to assess our own value.”

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s lawsuit against Juventus over €19.5 million deferred salary payments

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Cristiano Ronaldo has filed a lawsuit against Juventus, claiming €19.5 million in deferred salary payments, reports La Gazzetta dello Sport.

The case, which delves into intricate financial matters, has raised questions about contractual obligations and promises made between the player and the club.

The Portuguese football superstar, is embroiled in a legal dispute with Juventus, one of Italy’s most renowned football clubs, over €19.5 million in deferred salary payments.

The case has brought to light a complex web of contractual intricacies and verbal commitments, which both parties are now seeking to clarify in front of the FIGC Arbitration Board.

According to Ronaldo’s legal team, Juventus had assured the player that these salary payments would be made in the form of bonuses or incentives, contingent upon Ronaldo’s potential transfer to another club.

The dispute centers on whether Juventus indeed guaranteed these payments as an exit incentive when Ronaldo moved to Manchester United.

Juventus, however, vehemently denies any outstanding financial obligations to Ronaldo. The club’s position is that no pending payments are owed to the player, and they argue that the so-called “side letter,” known as the ‘Ronaldo Letter,’ holds no legal value.

This letter, signed by Juventus’ former Sporting Director Fabio Paratici but not by Cristiano Ronaldo, is being presented as evidence by Ronaldo’s legal team to substantiate their claim.

The critical issue at stake in this legal battle is the interpretation of the exit incentive clause. Is it a bona fide release clause that triggers payment upon Ronaldo’s transfer, or is it merely a formal gesture? The FIGC Arbitration Board will play a pivotal role in deciphering this contractual puzzle.

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Sassuolo director Carnevali discussed relationship with Juventus, Berardi failed move, admiration for Locatelli and more

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In a recent interview with Tuttosport, Sassuolo’s director, Carnevali, addressed a range of topics, shedding light on the club’s dealings with Juventus, the status of star player Domenico Berardi, and the departure of Francesco Mancini, among other things.

Carnevali dispelled any notions of discord between Sassuolo and Juventus, stating unequivocally, “I was never in any dispute with Juve.”

Domenico Berardi was reportedly close to move to Juventus last summer but he ended up staying at Sassuolo after Bianconeri failed to meet the deadline date for bid submission.

Regarding Domenico Berardi, Carnevali revealed, “Domenico is slowly getting back to his best. It’s natural to have an initial moment of confusion when facing a big club’s interest. He also had a minor injury. But now we see him well and behaving as he should – a hero on and off the field.”

When asked about the possibility of Berardi leaving in January, he left the door open, saying, “You can never rule anything out, but it would have to be a very important offer because we don’t need to sell.”

Francesco Mancini’s departure from Sassuolo’s playing squad raised questions about the club’s decision. Carnevali responded, “Let’s put it this way: Berardi comes with an important cost, and Mancini has significant value. I’m happy that one of our former players, thanks to the club’s work and De Zerbi’s, will immediately start his coaching career.”

He expressed hope for Mancini’s coaching future and praised his contribution during his 17-season stint with Sassuolo.

Carnevali clarified Sassuolo’s relationship with Juventus, stating, “Ridiculous story. We deal with everyone. In fact, among the top clubs, Juve is the one we deal with the least. The truth is we work with all clubs; just look at the various transfer sessions.”

Discussing former Sassuolo player Manuel Locatelli, who’s currently playing for Juventus, Carnevali had nothing but praise. “I have great admiration for Manuel, both personally and as a player. I’ll always remember the day he arrived from Milan: the effort and investment… We believed in it, and we were right. He can play multiple roles in midfield because he has talent, quality, and character. He’s one of the best talents in our football.”

Carnevali expressed confidence in Juventus’ prospects, saying, “I had no doubts about Juve. They’ve changed a bit, brought back players who weren’t at their peak, like Vlahovic and Chiesa. They don’t have midweek commitments and have a very good coach. For me, they’re Scudetto contenders. The real competitors for Inter.”

As Sassuolo faces Juventus, Carnavale conveyed the team’s spirit, stating, “Calmly, and without surrender. We are on a journey, and we are growing. We will flourish soon.”

Finally, he revealed that Juventus were among the clubs interested in signing Davide Frattessi, who ended up by joining Inter, by saying, “Frattesi had the ambition to go to a big club, but he didn’t have any preferences. Juve was among the first interested in signing him, but then, due to strategy or other choices, they didn’t make the move. There were other clubs, from Inter to Napoli, who tried a lot, and the player chose his destination.”

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