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Allegri confirmed Perin as a starter against Hellas Verona, and more

Max Statman



Following the 2-0’s win over Inter, Juventus are looking to mark five concecutive win against Hellas Verona on Thursday. Massimiliano Allegri has spoken at a press conference ahead of the game.

What did the victory against Inter leave?


“It left an evening of joy and happiness, but from the next day we immediately closed the chapter. Tomorrow, we play in Verona, a team that creates and that in recent games has lost undeservedly. It won’t be easy, and they don’t deserve the ranking they have. They are a physical team, attacking. It will be up to us to be at their level physically.”

Recover someone? Does Perin play in goal?

“Perin will play because Szczesny has played 12 games in a row. Paredes and Kean are definitely recovering, while Vlahovic is to be evaluated today. McKennie and the Chiesa are also to be evaluated.”

Can we now say that Danilo is the vice-captain?

“I spoke with Cuadrado, who would be the deputy when Bonucci is not there. Juan was getting too nervous lately, he felt too many responsibilities and talking to each other we said that it is better for Danilo to be the captain. This was also good for Alex Sandro, so it’s not a problem. The captain, however, remains Bonucci when he plays.”

Is it possible to see Vlahovic and Chiesa together?

“At the moment it is impossible. It’s nice to talk about projects, but let’s talk about immediate. Tomorrow there is Verona, we will have to play a great game because otherwise what we did with Inter and in the previous three games will be thrown away. We will need a great game because Juve have lost three of their last five games in Verona.”

For Vlahovic, can we say that 2022 is over? And how is the Chiesa recovering?

“He suffers from this tendon, pubalgic inflammation, call it what you want. Yesterday he ran, today we will evaluate. If he is available, it is good for Juve to have him on the bench, otherwise he will be treated, and we will see if he is there on Sunday. Chiesa has done well, but until the knee regains its stability it is in adaptation. It’s one thing to do managed training, it’s another to play games. The rehabilitation path is done in the field”

Mandzukic said that a comeback is possible, do you think like him?

“Mario said a phrase that must be carved into the walls, namely that when you play you don’t think about scoring goals but playing to win. Napoli is doing an extraordinary championship, if it continues like this no team will have the opportunity to approach it. We have to take one step at a time: now there is Verona, then Lazio, then we will regain energy”

What do you think of the moment that Milik is going through?

“Like all strikers, there are times when you score goals and others when you score less. But Milik is a very reliable player and I’m happy with what he’s doing.”

How will you work during the stop?

“We will work until the 18th with the three who will remain, then on December 6th we will all resume so the nationals will also return. Then we will prepare with friendlies until December 22-23 and resume after Christmas. The others will come based on when they go out of the World Cup. But for those who come out of the quarter-finals to the final it is the same”

How does Fagioli’s growth continue?

“He’s doing well, but let’s leave him calm. Maybe he will play tomorrow, maybe he will need to rest. But like him, other young people are also showing off.”


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