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Every word of Marco Landucci’s post match press conference vs Monza

Max Statman



Marco Landucci , after Monza, speaks thus of the moment of Juve. 

EXPULSION OF MARIA – “Monza’s territorial dominance, we must do better. Di Maria was harassed, Izzo uses these tactics … he reacted, I think the expulsion – and they tell me – was right. In the second half we could have done it. Scoring goals. We have to chat a little and do facts. Talking is useless, we must certainly do better. It was difficult after Wednesday, getting up after the blow. Excuses are useless, you have to keep quiet and pedal “. 


WHAT TO START –“The rift? Only with work we start again. Nobody is happy, it’s a difficult moment, the fans are not happy but neither are we. To get out of this situation we need to work and improve. At the beginning we play good parts of race, we want to do it but we can’t. We need to work and do better all, from the staff, from the coach, we need to row in the same direction “. 

COMPARISON – “The coach cannot enter the locker room, I have not seen him yet. He is disqualified, he cannot enter”. 

THE WORDS OF ALLEGRI – “Have they conditioned? No, definitely not. The group has always been healthy, excellent. No problem with anyone. When there are 4-5 players missing, they feel they are in a team, it must be done better, we just have to do better. C ‘you have to put your head up and do better, what counts is just making facts “. 

ANALOGIES WITH 2015 –“More difficult problems? All problems can be solved, we need to do better and I am convinced that we will. We cannot say otherwise, we must all return and do better all of us. It is the only thing that does not make us give up. We do not give up. The matches go on, we play again and we get ready for the next ones. It all seems black, we need to find the blue. The whistles of the fans? Normal, when you lose, that’s it. The fans contest, you have to keep quiet and work. Juve must do better. “

PASSIVE TEAM –“Working during the break is hard, there are 4 players left, almost all of them go to the national team. It would have been better to replay immediately. We have to wait and nothing, the team, all of us because we win and lose together, all in the same boat, we need to get out of it. . We have to give a signal and get out of it “. 



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